Monday, October 18, 2010

Witch Crystals (2)

"Witch Crystal" (1) - close up - Drops of olive faceted crystal, smokey quartz and a purplish brown faceted jasper adorn the front dripping down around the crystal face. I make these necklaces in a similar pattern and term them "witch crystals" each is a unique and individual piece and the "drops" are tonally matched to the crystal's natural inclusions. They are designed rather pendulum styled and when taken off of the neck and unhitched hang in a pendulum fashion.


"Witch Crystal" (2) - close up - A beautiful natural quartz crystal necklace pendant with golden rutile and goethite inclusions. This necklace is on a vintage brass chain and all new wire work has been naturally aged with a food acid to match the original patina. The necklace is fastened in the front for both artistic design and easy of wearing.

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