Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sister Christian, Necklace

Sister Christian - I know... but once the name of a song I got stuck in my head - it stayed - Showing the focal cross - this piece is reminiscent of a rosary without actually being one. A truly Vampiric/Goth piece that can be worn with impunity anywhere - $75.00

Sister Christian - Shown on black - hard to capture the colors of the stones - composed of red tiger eye, rainbow obsidian, garnet, webbed and red jaspers, and red and black vintage faceted Czech crystal

Sister Christian - This piece can be wrapped with the toggle off to one side to shorten the necklace and achieve a layering look - composed of solid copper wire - many believe copper eases pain and arthritis

Sister Christian - a full length view - similar in length worn full out to a rosary - hence the name

Renaissance Lady, Necklace

Renaissance Lady

Frontal view - a Renaissance/Medieval style piece composed of webbed jasper with a large Magnesite cross in turquoise as a focal. This piece is $58.00 US

Renaissance Lady - on black - close up view depicting the "ancient" styled cross - the metals in this piece are German silver wire with pewter findings. Full length photo to follow showing the toggle which is a stylized filigreed leaf and bar.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vampire Kisses, Necklace

Vampire Kisses Side view displaying pearl droplets on sterling chain. This piece runs approximately $ 65.00 - and can be custom ordered.

Vampire Kisses laid out - piece is adjustable by about 1 1/2 inches in length.

Frontal view - a Victorian style collar composed of beach glass and crystal with a labradorite focal piece and freshwater pearl blood droplets.

Moonbeam Dreams, Necklace

Moonbeam Dreams can be ordered in other tones if preferred - starting price for similar stones is $60.00

Moonbeam Dreams - is a pale minty piece reminiscent of the Fae. This piece is composed of amanzonite, magnesite, and a pale faceted chalcedony strung on surgical steel with a pewter crescent moon. The back of the neck stones are faceted crystal with a pewter toggle clasp.

Moonbeam Dreams front work close up

Brigantia's Treasure, Necklace

Brigantia's Treasure - this golden piece is composed of pressed amber, hessonite, faceted citrine and crystal. The catch is a simple spring loaded brass clasp and the spaces are gold plated pewter but could be made in solid brass if desired. As shown this pieces runs $70.00

Side-view of Brigantia's Treasure to better display the back.

Brigantia's Treasure - brings to mind the jewel coffers of an ancient Celtic queen as it shimmers all over in tones of gold.

Vampire Kisses, Customer Review

Vampire Kisses is perfect! I love the Victorian inspired choker with a Goth/vampire flare. Pagan, Wiccan and Coven Jewelry is definitely somewhere I will order from again—in fact I already have. The labradorite focal-point added perfection to this piece that I will wear time and again.