Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Contest!!

Since we have reached 100+ facebook friends, we are going to have a contest!!  As it is Halloween/Samhain soon it will be a Halloween costume contest - to enter - e-mail a photo of yourself in your costume to - the best costume wins (and please for the Goddess' sake, no clowns) The winner will receive a necklace suited to the outfit. Good Luck!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hematite Tiger Eye earrings - for grounding, courage and strength

Red Tiger eye earrings threaded with bands of hematite. Garnet vintage Czech crystal drops and hematite balls on copper wire with copper bead caps. Lever-back post fittings.

Tiger eye is believed to be good for courage while hematite is for grounding in crystal therapy. Red is used for health energy and strength by many practitioners.

Chandelier Earrings to match either Witch Crystal or Dreamers Necklace

Chandelier Earrings - to match witch crystals or dreamer's necklace - close up - A beautiful pair of crystal crystal earrings in a neutral color pallet. These earrings have been naturally aged with a food acid to match an original patina of age. The earrings are fastened with lever-back catches.


Witch Crystals (2)

"Witch Crystal" (1) - close up - Drops of olive faceted crystal, smokey quartz and a purplish brown faceted jasper adorn the front dripping down around the crystal face. I make these necklaces in a similar pattern and term them "witch crystals" each is a unique and individual piece and the "drops" are tonally matched to the crystal's natural inclusions. They are designed rather pendulum styled and when taken off of the neck and unhitched hang in a pendulum fashion.


"Witch Crystal" (2) - close up - A beautiful natural quartz crystal necklace pendant with golden rutile and goethite inclusions. This necklace is on a vintage brass chain and all new wire work has been naturally aged with a food acid to match the original patina. The necklace is fastened in the front for both artistic design and easy of wearing.

The Dreamer's Necklace

"Dreamer's Necklace" - A teardrop of faceted smokey quartz is featured in the center with smokey faceted crystal drops just above. This necklace is neutral to colorless in tone and as such will match everything.

I refer to this as the Necklace of the Dreamer because I have created 4 others like it and two of the wearers have reported back to me of having extremely vivid dreams when they slept with it on. This is not a claim I make of this jewelry piece, just a notation on why I have named it as such. It is beautiful in it's own right.


Our Newest Protection Talisman piece

Protection talisman - close up - A tribal symbol carved claw protection talisman. Not an actual animal claw but instead a large carved claw shaped talisman set with solid copper findings and wooden beads on a brown leather necklace.

 Suitable for men, women, shape-shifters and weres this is a unique piece that is sure to catch the eye.

$39.99 on etsy

We Now Have and On-Line Store Open - the store's name is PaganPieces if you wish to search for it.  ;)  Otherwise the web address is and all of our newest pieces will be available through there with shopping cart checkout.  Hope to see you there.